ACPIVR continue to offer a research bursary to members. The award aims to promote research activity and assist members who are or would like to undertake research as part of their current workload or as part of an educational course. The bursary will be awarded to cover research related costs and a total of £1,000 is available each year. The bursary will be awarded to the best applicant as decided by the research sub-group. However, in the event of sub-standard applications, the bursary may not be awarded. Applications which fall just short of the expected standard will be subject to revisions before acceptance. If the appropriate standard is not reached the application will be rejected.

Please read the guidance notes before completing the form.


  • The maximum award allowable is £1,000
  • Awards will be made to cover research-related costs in relation to a specific project, e.g. equipment; materials/consumables; specialist software; travel expenses.
  • Awards will not be granted to cover course fees; computers, staff time (secretarial support of data

Eligibility criteria

  • All applicants must be current members of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and registered
    with the Health Professions Council (HPC) in good standing.
  • All applicants must be full members of ACPIVR for at least TWO years standing but cannot be a current committee member at the time of submitting the application form.
  • Applicants will be resident in the UK.
  • Applicants will be planning to be or currently involved in research.
  • Research must be related to physiotherapy assessment and/or management of vestibular
  • Members conducting research as part of an educational course are eligible to apply for support.
  • Applicants are expected to be the lead researcher in the proposed project.

How to apply
Applicants are requested to complete the full application form

  • Completed application forms should be made on this website but we advise applicants to contact for guidance.
  • An application once submitted may only be resubmitted upon invitation.
  • Applicants cannot submit more than one application for a single ACPIVR bursary round.
  • Applications that are incomplete will not be considered.

Selection procedure
Applications will be considered in competition. Completed applications will be reviewed anonymously and graded independently by members of the Research Subgroup, ACPIVR. If there is a conflict of interest, a member/s will withdraw from the selection procedure. Recommendations will be reviewed by an independent expert referee. Awards will not automatically be awarded
for each competitive round. Applicants will be informed of the decision of the committee within two months of the application deadline. The decision of the Committee is final.

Terms and conditions

  • Awards are made on the understanding that the investigations comply with ethical and safety
    requirements of the involved institutions. Evidence of ethical approval and insurance arrangements may be requested.
  • Bursaries must be used solely for the purposes set out in the application procedure. Any changes in proposed expenditure must be agreed to by ACPIVR. At the end of the research project, any remaining balance should be returned to ACPIVR.
  • Applicants must give details of other financial assistance given or applied for in connection with the current proposal. Applicants are expected to keep the ACPIVR research committee informed of the outcomes of any other applications.
  • A summary of expenditure accompanied by receipts (where appropriate) will be required.
  • ACPIVR must be notified of any further changes in the proposed project eg timescale etc.
  • Recipients of a research bursary will be required to produce a report for the Balance Focus journal on completion of the research project. The report will be expected within six months of completion of the project.

Guidance information for completing the application form
Applications for the award must be submitted on the application form. All parts of the form must be
completed and applicants must not exceed the space provided. It is essential that applicants provide:

  • a brief background to the research including references
  • an outline of the aim/purpose
  • a clear concise account of the proposed research and describe the plan of investigation including
    details about the design, sample, and measures
  • justification for the support requested
  • a CV for the lead applicant